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Sunday Selects {November 25th}

Sun Nov 25, 2012, 4:54 PM
Every Sunday I'll chose at lease ten Deviations to be featured here on my Sunday Selects. To suggest your own work or someone's work to be suggested, just send me a note and more than likely it will be featured here!

Now without further ado here are the Sunday Selects!


.: White Queen :. by J-u-d-a-sMoore Sword by Babilon1981Korageth The Black Dragon by lavaheart626Aquarius by waywardgal
One Direction by soon38Sticky Note by hollystarlightanimeDoor by abzac666:thumb279113776:
The Pianist by JanneO:thumb242330956:Free Style by delusional-dreamsLee Taemin by FreedomforGoku
friends by Coraminawild mushrooms 2 by mayakerncock by MoreMariBlue Planet by deviantartspeedfreak


red raindrops by FreuleinKMa' Dog by TheLifeInFocusIn Wonderland II by ravador
Mesa Arch by scumpiA Midsummer Night's Dream by aharddaysnightSunset  Port Orchard by sky-2011frozen death by rieadd
Untitled Multiple Negative of Ashley by DustinPanzinoRays Shine Through by CamdenHackworthTaking a nap by MilosGizdovskiInto your dream by Morgan-Lou


Say thanksGather around a stunning long table
Fine a seat fast if your able
Who will be on your right
Who’s on your left
Will it be Aunt Sandy
Or grandpa Andy
Just stay away from Couins Ele
Unroll the napkin
Make it SimpleIs everything always so complex.
Or is this just how things seem,
Where the floor beneath gives in, a constant hex.
Nothing is easy, easy as strawberries and cream.
Maybe we are all just wrecks,
Never swimming in the river, just the stream.
I wonder what's next.
Maybe we should find a new theme.
I wonder if all life is made of meaningless sex,
Or a world full of heartache and screams?
But to be honest, aren't we just meaningless specs,
In this universe. Aren't we just part of the losing team.
Mad HatterTo think one mad, or simply a hatter.
For most such people, what a silly matter.
Oh but how, some think this bad,
And then others say, "off with his head!"
We are all mad, in our differant ways.
Shall we depart, or let the madness stay?
Often times, you've been called mad?
Though I smile, don't think me glad.
Brave enough, I know you think.
If you want, the truth to seek.
Then sweet girl, just take my hand.
And you shall see, MY wonderland.
~Adam Matthews
The sound of laughterOh how I wish I knew the all the ways
You spent your smiles and
And all your happy days
I could almost hear that joyous cry
As you spin in circles
Arms stretched out up to the sky
We ran together in a blessed company
No fear from the ones around us
We let them all see
Many days we spent in each other's embrace
I could see nothing more
Than your beautiful face
The past is where all these things reside
They have gone from us
In these words I do confide
That glorious sound a memory of before
I spent so many hours
Just trying to hear it once more
Throughout my days I laugh and sing
But for your memory
I cannot bare myself to bring
I see your face as I close my eyes to dream
Only then are you close to me
Together again it may seem
Every sound that resonates from my chest
Is empty, hollow
Yet I know this is for the best
The sound of laughter surrounds me in its cold embrace
A bitter flavor it leaves upon me
It is the only thing I can taste
So long ago I heard your voice speak to me
A whisper

FadingI stand alone watching my pointless life fade a way,
why not pull up a chair and watch it with me.
It wont take long theres not much to see.
I am ready to die. i have cried for the lest time.
After every thing I am still here hurting just like you left me waiting to die.
watching it all pass by. Its fading away and i stand alone,
so why not pull up a chair I promise it wont take long.
:thumb332753525: GuidanceGuidance.
My father once told me that life is supposed to be a struggle
And that everyone has their own specific type of hustle.
Whether it be working in an office or stacking products on a shelf.
Naturally we all share the same aim of accumulating wealth.
He also told me that nothing is promised in this life time.
When you least expect it the man upstairs will throw you a life line.
Something or someone that will give you a reason to continue.
Awaken the hidden belief and talent that law dormant within you.
He then told me that happiness and success are short lived.
In time your name will both appear and disappear from life's shortlist.
At some point you will feel like the whole world is against you.
No matter what you do some people will just always resent you.
Accept their venomously kind words but never take them to heart.
The show must go on and no one else but you can play your part.
Lastly he said that you must find a balance between work and leisure
Because those priceless mome

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