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Sunday Selects {December 9th}

Sun Dec 9, 2012, 5:42 PM
Every Sunday I'll chose at lease ten Deviations to be featured here on my Sunday Selects. To suggest your own work or someone's work to be suggested, just send me a note and more than likely it will be featured here!

Now without further ado here are the Sunday Selects!


Pianto by Kastelkreuz:thumb340777333:Castle Portico scene by EldanaroBalance. by OdeliaToder
Angel Dust... by PryateCamelot: Arthur and Guenevere by GwynConawayArtElusive by AnestazyChesterton Windmill by VanderlyleBaby
I wish by proxi-mity:thumb339211502::thumb336261197:marshland by prinz59


:thumb341595616:Beast and Man by ExcellentAdventuresNatural Beauty by PennineRosaWith your feet on the air by excess1ve
Royal Mile, Edinburgh, 2075 by Robert-WoodPindrops by excess1ve*** by AneteeeWater On Fire... by Kara-a
Khuldi Eve 1 by ernest-artThe Early Bird Gets the . . . Snails? by PhotogScottThe Last Door by bulgphotoLove Song by tariqui


Absence DesiredNever will I forget your flawless face
And yet you don't hesitate to forget me completely
Though you won't leave my mind
All I desire is your absence from it
Love is what I feel, not obsession or addiction
In time I pray you realize you are wrong
Even though I know that day will never come
We were friends- PoemWe Were Friends
We were friends,
But you tossed me to the side like trash 'n,
Just for a few slaves to fashion.
I thought we were two of a kind,
But i guess you are just a china doll with a smile painted on.
You said we were like sisters,
But i guess one of us was adopted,
Cause now,
We go back and forth like swings,
Like a Red Bull you gave me my wings,
But i didn't notice the holes in them.
And when i try to fly,
Through these clouded skies,
I fall.
And now, i can feel your eyes etching the words on my back just like they did;
We used to share the pain,
But now it's doubled,
And that's trouble,
Cause I'm reduced to a pile of rubble,
Being blown away in your wake.
We were the two red sisters in this sea of beige,
And now that I'm alone,
There are no messages on my phone.
I miss the LOLs and semicolons that deviously smile,
But all the while,
It was your way of saying that "LOL"
Meant that you were Loathing Our Linkage.
You crossed your heart and
HeatI resist to go out of the shower
The hot water runs down my back,
and reminds me of forgotten caresses
The cold is waiting for me out there
full of unanswered questions,
full of lonely sentiments
I feel the subtle heat,
the hum of the electric shower drowns out the roar of loneliness,
and for a moment I forget my weakness
Then I turn off the shower,
I tremble for a moment
and the cold embraces me
Old MenHe watched the old men gather in the yards,
reflecting on their misbegotten youth
as they hunched over checkers and their cards;
and pondered how aesthetics and the truth
were once pursuits left only to the gods
turned out for trade and trickery in sooth.
That knowledge culled and ransomed in their prime
would only serve their memories with time.
Letter on the DoorstepI left a letter on your doorstep-
So many words on so few pages;
Years of so many emotions
Freed from their cages.  
You left this heart so broken,
So this pen became my voice,
Asking questions before unspoken.  
I struggled for so long,
Fought so many demons to get here;
Yet still you say I'm wrong.
I left a letter on your doorstep-
So many things I couldn't say
Stuck in your glamour,
Led astray.  
You got what you wanted, you always do.
I'm done with these games.
I'm through with you.
I've proven you wrong.
You weren't there as he grew,
A nonexistent figure in his life.  
We can do this without you.  
You never showed interest, you moved too slow.
I left a picture with the letter
Of a boy you'll never know.  
I left a letter on your doorstep.
This is goodbye.
I Must Be Dreaming . . .I must be dreaming . . .
Please take me away from me
Away into nothing
Dull my heart's pain
Silence my mind and dry my tears
I must be dreaming . . .
My sky is now dark
Everything crashed to the ground
No pieces left big enough to mend
Tiny shards only left to cut deeper
Always knew my reason for being
Fought those demons for so long
Come take me I beg of you
Curse the seen and hope to die
Steal my breath, take my soul
My joy now my pain, happiness now horror
I'm sorry . . . was it truly me?
When night falls on me I'm fallen
All I need is you . . .
My only everything
Please tell me I'm dreaming . . .
Longing to be lost inside you
Lost all faith, lost my mind
Wake me from this dream
Don't want to pretend I've not seen
No way to deny what rang through my ears
The knife wounds are there in my heart
Finish me or save me
Closing my eyes I see it so clearly
Our dreams and plans all laid out
Painted black by your sinister heart
My life given only to you
How can I run awa
I wish I couldI wish I could fly.
Sometimes the mountains rise too high
and birds alone can reach their peaks.
I wish I could love.
Sometimes I hate the stars above
and my heart keeps pace with a treacherous beat.
I wish I could shine.
Sometimes people are just so blind
and surely I can't make them see.
I wish I could dream.
Sometimes the nightmares are as real as they seem
and crush ambitions beneath clawed feet.
I wish I could try.
Sometimes the truth is just a lie
but I could never take that leap.

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