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Submitted on
June 5, 2013
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God called in sick today,
and the sky is dancing.
People walked hand in hand
singing in tune with the damned.

Running without stories
‘this is what tragedy feels like’
dead is the new alive
but misery loves company.

Racing with the devil
one doesn't dare stop against
the lord of the damned
he laughs against the concrete.

Can one play with madness
as they dance on clouds of mind?
Heavens a lie when butterflies are flying in hurricanes
And God takes a day off.

Wasted time throwing rocks at stars
souls refuse their eternal rest
they drink a cup of galaxy for breakfast
hymn of the shameless.

Obsession is an ugly word.
When dead becomes the new alive
the devil walks the earth
and God takes a day off work.
From my favorite place to get prompts when I encounter writers block, #343 'God called in sick today'. I had a bit of fun, wondering what could make sense and what wouldn't, and just really enjoyed writing this piece.

Please let me know what you think.

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Featured at #InspireTheUninspired here.
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AnnaeLynn Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist
wow.... just wow
koreauchiha Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013
i think this was awesome, i would love to see more pieces like this.
Oilux Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013  Student Writer
Thank you!
forestmeetwildfire Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Hello =Oilux

On behalf of #InspireTheUninspired, I would like to congratulate you on being featured within our group. Please take a look when you have time and support your fellow artists :aww:

Keep writing and inspiring!:dance:

Oilux Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2013  Student Writer
Oh my gosh thank you so much! You have no idea how much this means to me.
forestmeetwildfire Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
You're very welcome, it was my pleasure :aww:
Seraphine-Harmonium Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013   Artisan Crafter
Really evocative! I didn't quite understand what the deal was with the devil "laughing against the concrete" but I love the flow of this piece, and so much of the imagery. I like the combination of the subtle horror and strange jubilation. It questions and challenges, and that's really awesome! Great poetry!
Oilux Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013  Student Writer
Oh my thank you so much
Seraphine-Harmonium Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013   Artisan Crafter
You are most welcome!
GraciaTheirin Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2013
Dead is the new alive and misery loves company, well played plague rat well played
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