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I will stitch my skin together
with thread of moons and stars
to contain the joy of living
and suppress the sadness of death
blinding the nonbelievers
with beams of the cosmos
you look so good
bathed in the novas and galaxies
made up of rocks and dirt
sunshine and air
breathing in the ozone of life
stars bleed through the stitches
when the dead rise
and the people scream
and cry
I will run to safety
in the empty caskets
where the dead no longer rest
to meet my brother again
I promise not to cry
when the realization comes
that the dead should stay dead
(I will try not to hug him too hard)

It isn't often that I get inspiration from something so simple yet meaningful.
peel apart my insides
                  reveal the insides
petal by petal
                  I fall apart in your hands
I love you. I love you not.
Her hair was orange
and glowed in the fire
turning black and ash
not a single moment later
the scissors were cold

The embers were
glowing just the same
hungry for her tresses
the royal red burned
yet no burn was left

Her hair was short
uneven with amber roots
outgrowing the dye
showing her natural shade
mom and dad took the scissors away

Orange locks tickle her neck
fire cannot fight fire
mom and dad breathe easier
she does not touch the scissors
though she always looks

She is eighteen
leaving home is a blessing
her hair bundled in a hat
she does not like to see it
the brightness keeps her up at night

The hairdresser mourns her hair
more than she ever does
as it falls limply to the ground
the locks have lost their hue
she smiles as they fall

It is easier to tell people she is happy
now her hair is gone
orange roots don't show on a shaved head
she stands proudly now
she doesn't keep scissors anymore

Finally she looks in the mirror
and is happy with what she sees.
Originally I was at work, and this little girl with the most beautiful red hair came in. It looked though as though she got a bad haircut, because it was uneven and choppy. She kept tugging at it too, so I kept thinking about her, wondering if she hated her hair.

Sometimes, we really only need to change something about ourselves because it makes us happy, no matter what it is.

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Hello my lovely friends and followers. I haven't been a very good deviant, leaving my groups unattended and basically ignoring this whole site.

Yet I miss you guys, and I miss the support. I miss the best place I had to publish my work, and actually getting feedback on it. I miss the contests and the groups and how you can find anything here.

Life update: I'm still working at the airport, and still writing every day. I completed NaNoWriMo for the third year in a row. Go me!

Tell me what I missed here guys! I can't promise that I'll be here every day, but at least I'll be here way more often than before.

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But I've been reading your poems from recently back to 2012, and they really touched me, some pulled on a heartstring!

I usually don't read poetry, but something about yours drew me in, and captivated me!

So I just wanted to say that I really love your poems and all the things you upload! ouo
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